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CPSC on Mini-Blind Draw Cord Danger

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Window Blind Cord Product Liability Lawsuits

The window covering industry has a legal duty to keep unsafe products off the market. In the past 30 years, hundreds of babies and toddlers have become tangled in, hung and strangled to death on looped mini blind cords.

Corded mini blind manufacturers, distributors and retailers have known for decades that looped window blind cords regularly cause children to be hung and strangled to death. For many years, the industry has acknowledged their product is unsafe and defective due to the hidden risk posed by looped window blind cords of accidental strangling.

"Most people don't think about window coverings as something that can harm their child. We continue to lose children in tragic incidents due to entanglement and strangulation..."

Hal Stratton, CPSC Chairman, in 2001

Companies that make or sell unsafe and defective products can be held responsible for any personal injuries and wrongful deaths that result. Defective warnings as well as defects in design and manufacturing can cause a product to be unsafe. Product liability lawsuits are legal actions to hold companies responsible for any loss caused by an unsafe and defective product.

Product liability lawsuits for money damages serve two important purposes:

Our top product liability attorneys have the resources and experience to maximize your financial recovery and send a strong message to the window covering industry that the cost of putting unsafe products on the market is too high. driven solely by profit motive is to take the profit out of misconduct

"The only way to change the conduct of companies that put profits before people is to make it unprofitable to put people at risk."

We have have sued dozens of the largest corporations in the the U.S. and abroad, including Walmart, on behalf of people who have been caused to suffer a loss due to unsafe blinds.

We are committed to empowering our clients through zealous legal representation and compassionate support.

If you have lost a child or your child has been injured from being entangled or hung by any mini blind or other window covering cord, we can help you.

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